Embracing the unexpected

One of the biggest lessons that I’ve learned in doing research these past months is that some of the most significant research discoveries come from things that you least expect. Instead of chalking up the new twists and turns in my research to “luck,” I’m coming to realize that I need to tap into even…
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Doing research on/in Williamsburg

One of my favorite parts of doing research about the history of Williamsburg is how you can actively see what you study in your everyday life. I love learning about the spaces around me and peeling back the layers of history. Not only does studying Williamsburg’s history enrich my experience living here, but it also…
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Documenting the History and Impact of the Williamsburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority

Established after a successful city-wide referendum in 1969, the Williamsburg Redevelopment and Housing Authority (WRHA) has channeled state and federal funds to serve as one of Williamsburg’s main providers of affordable housing. My research project seeks to document and critically assess the historical development and social impact of the WRHA with a lens attuned to local…
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