Honors Blog 11: Writing and Replication

Over the past month I’ve primarily focused on assembling my honors committee, writing the methods and results sections of my thesis, and preparing for some supplementary experiments. Specifically I plan on using the Light Attenuation Measurement Apparatus to measure how much photosynthetically active radiation mud snail egg capsules block. I plan on measuring how egg…
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Honors Blog 10: Beginning The Write Up

Now that I’m back in Williamsburg it is time to put my nose to the grindstone and write up my honors thesis and carry out a few supplementary experiments to my thesis. My advisor and I have laid out an action plan through which I will write up my thesis in a non-linear order beginning…
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On the specifics of the Cobb Collection: New Role

Over Fall Break (2018), I traveled up to Washington D.C. to visit the Cobb Collection in person. I had made arrangements with Dr. Fatimah Jackson, the director of the Cobb collection at Howard University, to visit the off-site location where the remains were located.


Winter Progress

The past few weeks have been a busy one for my thesis! I am coming to the end of working on my chapter on the role of hands in “Janet’s Repentance.” This has been incredibly fun to write since this text is so rich in haptic imagery. I have traced the abusive hand of Robert…
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Honors Blog Post 9: More Stats

Over the past month I’ve worked primarily on repeating statistical tests that my advisor and I performed in SPSS in R. I also began writing the methods for the portion of my experiments in which we tested how much light egg capsules block. I believe we will do some follow up experiments in the spring…
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