Month 7: A Tangible Plan

Throughout January I have been outlining my thesis and the arguments I intend to support. I have selected examples from my ethnographic research in order to support these arguments with events I observed. I have now broken down the writing of my thesis into specific benchmarks throughout the semester. I hope to have a draft…
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Stepping Back, but Moving Forward

Middles are hard. Mary Wroth’s Urania is hard.


Winter Update

Happy New Year! With the busyness of finals and the holidays, I didn’t get the chance to provide a December recap, so I wanted to give an update on my research. Before leaving for winter break, I reached my goal and finished my data collection. After spending months running study sessions, I am excited to…
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(Late) – Summer Science Symposium

Two weeks ago was the Summer Science Symposium. Everyone who received Charles Center funding for the summer, including all honors fellowships, presented their research. Overall, it was an excellent opportunity to practice talking about my research, as well as hear about other interesting projects.


Month Six: Connecting the Dots

Throughout December my thesis has begun to come together. My thesis will most likely be broken up into three distinct sections.