The Fear of the Blank Page

I’m writing this post on Halloween because I’m worried that some people might not have a costume prepared for the spooky festivities. If you really want to scare people this Halloween, dress up like the creative writing rewrite process.


New Me, New Plan: A Move into Theatre

I’m back with another belated post on my honors research project where I am writing a comedy novel, titled Tell Me What You Really Think. I wanted to quickly recap a new plan that I made with my adviser at the start of this semester.


A Recap of My Summer Research

For those of you who are missing the sunny weather of summer, you’re welcome for this super belated blog post where I talk about my summer. For those of you who would rather forget about summer and cuddle up with a comfy sweater and hot apple cider (because this season used to be about apple…
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This Summer’s Research: Blog Post 2

Hello to any readers: I will be posting blogs from the research I did this summer, as for my thesis, I am now in the “writing” stage.


September Update

Hi everyone! My research has taken a slight shift, and I’ve been looking at the use of online discourse as a means to negotiate the lack of physical spaces. Considering that many of the consistent LGBT+ space (i.e., outside of Pride events) tend to cater to adults who have an interest in sexual and romantic…
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