Allosteric Regulators on Pyruvate Kinase Oxidation

Research has been going extremely well lately. The main focus of my research over the past month has been the role of fructose-1,6-bisphosphate in preventing oxidative damage to the enzyme of interest – pyruvate kinase. PK has two main binding sites with cysteines critical for function: the catalytic active site and the F-1,6-bisP regulatory site.…
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Outlining is Key

Cheers to finishing my research in December! Now that I concluded that huge portion of my thesis, I put much thought into the format of the project. Initially, my research covered 12 films, but as I outlined I realized this was too ambitious for a 100-page limit. This meant I needed to eliminate some films.


Surviving the Transition to Talkies

Oscar Micheaux was the only black director to survive the transition from silent to sound cinema. The primary reason Micheaux triumphed when other black filmmakers did not was his acceptance of financial support from two New York men. Below is a summary of this transition:


Math Education: January

This month, I kept up my progress drafting my thesis. I am about two thirds of the way through and I have a good idea of what the final section should look like. My adviser has started looking over what I’ve written and giving critiques. I have been thinking about my project for months and…
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January Things

As I’ve been working on this thesis that investigates the relationship between the Odyssey and Second Sophistic (1st- 3rd century AD) texts – in particular, Heliodorus’ Ethiopian Story, I’ve been focusing more and more on particular characters and relationships, particularly a comparison of the relationships of Athena and Odysseus in the Odyssey and Kalasiris and…
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