Blog post 3: Finding the right sources

After delving into Oryx and Crake, I did some research into more specific articles regarding toxicity affecting women. During this stage, I did a lot of reading that a lot of the time…did not quite help me with my project. This was challenging, as I had gone in with a lot of enthusiasm about all…
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Processing All I’ve Found: Information, Confronting Biases, Next Steps

I am officially back in the states from being in El Salvador for three weeks. I must say, coming back and moving straight back down to college hasn’t given me much time to process everything I was able to learn and experience while I was there. This post will be broken into three pieces: a…
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First Week in El Salvador Update

I’ve officially been in El Salvador for a week–and boy, what a week it’s been! Below I’ve written a brief breakdown of my first week in the homeland.


Mapping Out Field Work in Morocco

I arrived in Meknes, Morocco yesterday afternoon and have begun organizing appointments on the ground to see the waste collection process. Next week, I will meet with the municipal waste collection company to accompany them on their route to the dump site. I will also interview employees to hear what they have to say about…
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The life of a Field Assistant, Part 1

The beginning of my Field Assistantship was not the traditional one. Usually, the field assistant helps to place the units, for us five foot by five foot squares, and then struggles to find things to do for a week until the students arrived. This year, however, the field school was not digging where it had…
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