September Update: A Very Productive Month

September was a very productive and interesting month. Most notably, I narrowed down my research topic from generally speaking about Mill, representative government, and the Athenian democracy to specifically looking at Mill’s view on election reform. The following is a thesis pitch which I wrote in our honors class:


September Update

After presenting at the Summer Research Showcase two weeks ago and beginning to actually write the first chapter of my thesis, I’m excited to say that my project is in full swing. At the showcase, I was pleasantly surprised to find a lot of people who I didn’t know interested in learning about my research.…
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August Milestones!

This month, I began to work on my third chapter of my research. I ~finally~ started to get research participants. After sending out countless emails and requests for volunteers, I had the opportunity to interview a few students and then the snowball effect occurred. Through these students, I interviewed other students. I intend to acknowledge…
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Milestones in Research: From Reading to Writing

In this first full week of classes, I have met my thesis advisor to get the ball rolling for the completion of my project at the end of the semester! The most exciting milestone I have accomplished in the past few days is the major transition between the two main stages of my project: reading and writing. Beginning…
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August Update

After countless failures during this summer, something finally seems to work. I have finally synthesized a precursor to my newly proposed ligand design on the very last day of the summer research session. I am optimistic that this is a correct step and will lead to results. The successful synthesis of this precursor will lead…
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