For the bloggers…

Hello 2017 Honors Fellows!

Welcome to the W&M Honors Fellows blog. Consider this as a creative space to think “out-loud” as you work through your research questions and share your experience– gathering sources, reading, conducting experiments, and, ultimately, writing your thesis. Research can be a lonely endeavor, accompanied by moments of both great excitement and frustration. As you work on your project over the next year, take some time to share these moments with each other. Perhaps a fellow researcher can answer a specific question, raise a point you have not yet considered, or send an empathetic note of encouragement. Connecting with each other through the blog will surely aid in the intellectual sophistication of your project.

The blog is also a great way for interested friends, family, alumni, and financial supporters to check out your progress and process along the way.

Congratulations on your Honors Fellowship and good luck with your research!