November Update

Science is based on observations that can be repeated, and so it’s a bit frustrating when you come across a published finding that fails to be repeatable.


Getting in Shape with Yeast: Fitness Assays

So a big part of my experiment is looking at how my different populations of yeast evolve. Specifically, we want to examine the differences between how populations evolve under different intensities of sexual selection. One useful way to measure their evolution is to get a sense of how their fitness changes over time. So what…
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Quick Update

I’m happy to report that our experimental system is up and running. By the time I get back to campus for the beginning of fall semester, we will have completed about two experimental cycles representing 60 yeast generations. I’m really excited to get back to the lab to start my fitness assays and the other…
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What I learned in Indiana

This post, I’d like to talk about a different aspect of doing scientific research: communicating science, listing to other people’s ideas, and interacting with fellow scientists.


Part of the motivation for writing this blog is to show how the research process unfolds—the successes along with the setbacks. This will be a brief post concerning the later. In theory, a researcher comes up with a plan of action that looks really good on paper, writes a grant for it, and then he/she…
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