Back to School

My challenge in the past month has been to transition into the school year.  Having put in my 10 weeks working on my thesis, I began to get ready for a 3-credit (2-week) field course in Wales at the end of the summer.  The most essential thing was to make sure that everything was in…
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Success So Far

Since the last time I wrote, everything has gone better than expected.  I got a bit of a late start on recruiting participants because I was hoping to make sure there wouldn’t be any problems with the protocol once I did start.  Every participant run whose data can’t be included in analysis means resources wasted…
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Go for Launch

The end of May and beginning of June have been spent developing and finalizing protocols for my eating behavior study.  While I’ve worked on psychology research in the past, I’ve never been involved in the process of taking a project from conception to implementation.  This process has its own unique frustrations and rewards; I’m happy…
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The Relationship Between Diet and Cognition

Hey all!  My name is Stephanie Kane; I’m majoring in neuroscience and working with Dr. Cathy Forestell in the Eating Behavior and Child Development Research Center.  I’ve been involved in this lab since this past summer working on a questionnaire-based survey investigating eating habits and personality traits associated with vegetarianism in the student population.  Along…
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